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Cat & Dog Grooming

Welcome to Macey’s Pet Grooming, a professional mobile cat grooming and salon based dog grooming service in Kings Worthy, Hampshire. I am fully qualified and hold the Pet Industry Federation Certificate of Competence in Cat Grooming a City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming.

I offer a range of grooming services and provide the highest quality of care for your pets in a calm, safe and stress free environment, ensuring they have a personal and enjoyable experience. I also offer a mobile cat grooming service so your cat can enjoy the grooming experience in the comfort of their own home.

I take pride in my work, offering a friendly and reliable service tailored to meet yours and your pets needs.

Cat Grooming

Regular grooming can have huge health benefits for all cats, in particular elderly cats and those with longer coats or with health problems. Older cats often suffer with ailments that can prevent them from being able to maintain themselves effectively. This can lead to their coat becoming matted and uncomfortable.

Regular grooming can also reduce hairballs as it limits the amount of hair they swallow whilst grooming themselves. Hairballs can cause throat and intestinal problems.

Mats begin as a simple tangle in the coat, however they can rapidly worsen and can restrict your cats movement by pulling on their sensitive skin. If your cats coat becomes severely matted the only humane solution is to shave it off.

I can offer your cat regular coat maintenance in the comfort of their own home, using kind handling and specialist cat grooming tools. I can also offer you advice on how to care for your cats coat in between their grooming appointments.

Cat Grooming Services & Prices

All prices include ear & eye cleaning, nail clipping and sanitary trim if necessary.

Dry Groom

Dry shampoo (no water)

Brush & de-shed

Removal of any small mats/knots

Wet groom

Wet bath & blow dry

Brush & de-shed

Removal of any small mats/knots

Full Clip no bath

Lion style cut

Dry shampoo (no water)

Brush & de-shed of remaining hair

Full clip & bath

Lion style cut

Wet bath & blow dry

Brush & de-shed of remaining hair

Partial clips are also available.

Prices shown are a guide only and will depend on your location and your cat’s coat condition, size and temperament. Matted coats will be charged more due to the extra time needed and impact on the equipment used.


I offer a one to one personal grooming service, ensuring that your dog will enjoy their experience in a calm and safe environment in my modern air conditioned salon.

I offer a full range of grooming services to suit you and your dog and will carry out a consultation with you to decide the best grooming option. This is based on your requirements as well as your dogs breed, coat condition, lifestyle and grooming routine at home.

I offer all services including nail trimming, bathing, clipping, scissoring, handstripping and ultrasound teeth cleaning.


    Full Groom

    Bath & Dry

    Ear clean

    Full coat brush out

    Nail trim & Sanitary clip

    Styled to breed standard or a pet trim

    Bath & Brush Out

    Bath & Dry

    Ear clean

    Full coat brush out

    Nail trim

    Sanitary Clip


    Miracle White & Bright Colour Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo Treatment

    This treatment neutralises discolourations & removes staining in a kind way and is specially formulated for all coat colours of all breeds

    A natural alternative to chemically treated whitening & stain removal products


    Miracle Conditioner Deep Conditioning Repair Masque Treatment

    This treatment improves coat manageability & detangling and is the perfect intensive conditioning & repair treatment for all coats of all breeds

    Fragranced with lily of the valley, orange essential oils and amber


    Miracle Face Scrub & Tear Stain Treatment

    This wheat free face scrub and pH balanced treatment safely removes dirt and discolourations from the face & ears

    Enhances the natural vibrancy of all colour types of all breeds

    Scented with lemongrass, orange & rose essential oils for a sweet smelling and healthy glossy coat


    Paw clean & tidy, removing any mats and debris

    Nail file & shape, removing sharp edges

    Hemp Paw Balm massage using an unscented, fast absorbing & natural balm

    This treatment can be added to a groom or can be booked as a treatment on its own


    The ideal way to introduce your puppy to the grooming process.

    The grooming salon can be quite a daunting place for a puppy with lots of new noises and smells. This will give your puppy the perfect start in life by reducing fear or bad behaviour whilst being groomed, which could save you money and stress in the long term.

    This package includes 5 sessions (3 x 30mins, 1 x 1hr & 1 x 1.5hrs) where your puppy will be introduced to the basics of grooming.

    Building from socialisation, nail clipping, teeth cleaning and noisy dryers to their first full groom. Each session will build on the last and will revisit any areas that your puppy is less confident with.

    Puppies must have had all their vaccinations & be no older than 6 months old.

    All 5 sessions must be used within 6 weeks.


    By 3 years of age 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease which can have a huge negative impact on their overall health. Good oral care can increase your dogs life expectancy by 2 years.

    With Cleany Teeth Ultrasound teeth cleaning there is no noise or vibration. It removes plaque & tartar, reduces inflammation and freshens your dogs breath.

    Your dog will have a course of initial sessions (30mins). The number of sessions depends on the condition of you dogs teeth. Generally 3-5 sessions are required within 14 days of one another, weekly is advisable.

    Once your dogs teeth and gums are clear they can then move on to maintenance sessions (20mins) which should be booked within 4-8 weeks of one another.

    Bulk buy discounts are available.

Prices are based on your dogs coat being in a reasonable condition.  

Matted coats require more time and work and have an impact on equipment use, therefore an extra charge will be incurred.

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